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Solar power is more economical compared to utility grid power. With a rooftop solar PV system, you can generate your own clean electricity, reducing grid dependency and enhancing long-term savings.

Electricity Cost - As the price of electricity escalates, generating your own power increases potential savings.

Feed-in Tariffs - Revenue can be earned by feeding surplus energy back into the grid. This offsets your power bill and earnings are computed based on the feed-in tariff.

Solar energy is mainly harnessed through Photovoltaic (PV) panels, composed of multiple solar cells. These panels transform sunlight into electricity and can be combined into a solar array. When sunlight strikes a rooftop panel, it changes the energy into DC current which an inverter converts to usable AC power for your homes.

Solar energy is a renewable, cost-effective and eco-friendly power source. You can produce your own electricity with solar panels to power appliances, independent of the grid. Benefits include reduced or zero electric bills, strong ROI, avoidance of utility rate increases, steady power supply, enhanced property value, energy autonomy and environmental protection.

The sun consistently generates heat and light energy. Various advancing technologies like solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and solar architecture are used for its capture. Being the purest and most plentiful renewable energy source, solar power is highly favored in the Middle East region which is located within the global sun belt – experiencing the most sunny days annually, boosting the growth of their solar sector.

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